How to Delete DLL Files

Clone with Git or checkout with the program can’t start because wuauserv.dll is missing from your computer SVN using the repository’s web address. Right-click on the word “PortNumber” and select “Modify” from the menu that appears. Rizonesoft is a software developer, based in George, South Africa.

In this case, also, for instance, vcrun6 is probably needed, namely, the mfc42.dll. This can be obtained by using winetricks; but that requires installing Wine seperately. Which is pointless if you have crossover already installed.

  • As you know, both your system and programs contain a variety of .dll files that make sure your device works smoothly.
  • Unfortunately, the search function cannot find binary values or REG_DWORD entries.
  • Try program reinstallation to resolve Access Database Error in Loading DLL message.
  • Ben is a software developer working within the Identity team.
  • In the mean time, it sounds like reinstalling the application may fix it.

After a transfer is complete, EFT Server will remove log files. Starting with EFT5.1, you can create/edit a registry location to cause the ClientFTP.DLL engine to retain the client log files. To add a key to the registry, you can either edit it directly or create and execute a .reg file. When you add or edit these registry keys, you will need to restart EFT Server.


If the main goal is just to avoid “the clicking”, then in Windows 10 you can just type or paste the destination path into RegEdit’s address bar and hit enter. More details about managing the registry in PowerShell can be found by typing get-help Registry at the PowerShell command prompt.

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But here’s one final option which might just be of use to you if none of the above has worked. It won’t work for everyone and it is rather extreme, but if you happen to have a spare PC, then you could remove the hard drive containing the undeletable file and install it in this spare PC. I uninstalled it, but it left behind a file called AppToPort.dll that I can’t seem to delete. Normally, I’d just leave it, but it’s running itself something like 30 times over and sucking up all my resources. I’ve tried to delete it in safemode, tried the command regsvr32 -u AppToPort.dll to remove it, and tried using PView to kill it, but it simply comes back.

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Registry keys are important to the functionality of your computer and its installed programs. Accidental removal of an essential registry entry may damage the system of your PC. Having a backup allows you to recover accidentally deleted entries. Do not edit the Registry unless it is absolutely necessary. Generally, it is best to use Windows controls to change your system settings.

Save all my lost/recovered files in a safe storage device. Starting Windows in safe mode is one of the handiest trouble-shooting techniques at your disposal. As earlier mentioned, take due diligence while downloading third-party apps from online sites.

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